Our Story

I've always had a passion for clothing. I saw it as a way for you to change your personality without necessarily changing you. In the summer of 2014, before going into high school, I began this obsession with sustainability. I decided to start this shop for four main reasons. One of the main reasons was to share this passion with those online. If I were not going to keep these items, I wanted someone else to cherish and appreciate it while also adding a rad piece of clothing to their closet. One other main purpose for this journey was to keep fairly affordable prices for everyone. Often in high-end stores we notice cute graphic tees that are much more than they are actually worth ($50-$100 for one shirt, outrageous, I know right?). An important quote that stays in the back of my mind that my grandma once said was, "It doesn't matter how much your clothes are, all that matters is how good you look in them," and I instill this quote in my shop and in planning future products. The third reason is because I wanted to give back. This has been my first and only job I've ever had, and making money is nice, but giving back feels even better. I have started a campaign called Beyond the Blue Horizon which specializes in upcycling vintage and pre-loved jeans, reselling them, and donating them to various charities.  The last reason I made this shop, was to connect with people. I love connecting with people and finding out their stories and backgrounds. This shop has introduced me to some of my now best friends and has connected me with people miles away that I never thought I would know today. Making people happy is my main priority at the end of the day, and I believed I could do that by starting Angel Cult.


Jamilla Philson